Cannabidiol. Cannabinoid. The CBD. Wait…is this weed? Nope.

Let’s clear up a few things.

For starters: the production and or use of marijuana and THC, for either medical or recreational purposes, in the state of Nebraska is illegal. In short, you cannot stop by your favorite Colorado dispensary and update your supply of Black Mamba or Red Dragon or even a side of Kandy Kush and bring it over the state line, into the Husker state. That’s a big-time no no that will have you in some serious trouble.

The thing that gets you “high”, the bad thing that Nebraska has banned, is THC. THC, along with CBD, are BOTH found in marijuana. THC is the thing that gets you “high” – CBD has a very very low amount of THC.

CBD is non-psychoactive…which means, no “high” for you. CBD comes from the hemp and contains very little levels of THC, generally below 0.3%.

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